Finish Your Weight Loss Journey with Emsculpt

Finish Your Weight Loss Journey with Emsculpt

You’ve worked hard to reach a healthy body weight, but you’ve still got one or two problem areas that you’d love to spot-reduce, tighten, and tone. Find out how Emsculpt® noninvasive body contouring can help you do just that, in no time flat.

You’ve worked hard to reach a healthy weight — you reconsidered your diet and got a better handle on your body’s unique nutritional needs; you also got off the couch, became a lot more active, and improved your fitness and energy levels. 

Unfortunately, you can’t control exactly how your body loses weight, or which areas of fat it burns off as fuel and which areas it continues to store. If you’re like many people, you’ve probably still got one or two problem areas you’d happily spot-reduce, tighten, and tone if you could. 

Well, now you can — with Emsculpt®, the first noninvasive body sculpting treatment that improves muscle tone and contours specific trouble spots to help you get the physique you want. 

Read on as Mikael Sarij, MD, explores the benefits of Emscult body contouring, and find out how a few quick, targeted Emsculpt sessions with our team of aesthetic medicine specialists at Evolve Medical in Deer Park, New York, can help you complete your weight loss journey in no time flat. 

What is Emsculpt body contouring?

Emsculpt is the first FDA-cleared, noninvasive body contouring treatment that can effectively improve muscle mass and sculpt away pockets of persistent fat in some of the most common trouble spots, including your abdomen, buttocks, arms, thighs, and calves. 

The Emsculpt device emits high-intensity electromagnetic energy (HIFEM+) that stimulates thousands of powerful muscle contractions in a single treatment session. These targeted contractions strengthen existing muscle tissues and create new muscle fibers to help tighten and tone specific areas, going beyond what you could ever achieve in an average workout. 

How does the Emsculpt device work?

When you perform crunches, planks, pushups, lunges, squats, or any other strengthening exercise, you place the corresponding group of muscles under adaptive stress. With every contraction, you essentially force the engaged muscles to remodel themselves and become stronger, so they can handle the stress. 

Lean tissue remodeling through exercise is a three-fold process: Strengthening workouts make existing muscle mass stronger, prompt the creation of new muscle fibers, and help metabolize areas of persistent fat into fuel for the process. 

Emsculpt takes the science of lean tissue conditioning to a whole new level. Through the safe and painless delivery of noninvasive, electromagnetic energy, the Emsculpt device stimulates thousands of powerful muscle contractions in each physique-altering treatment session. 

The Emsculpt device essentially puts the targeted muscle area through an intense workout of repeated supramaximal contractions — while you relax and let the treatment work its magic. 

These high-intensity induced muscle contractions are far more efficient and effective than the voluntary contractions you experience during normal exercise. As a result, the lean tissue remodeling process is also considerably more efficient and effective, leading to a tighter, more toned, and leaner physique in just a few quick and passive treatment sessions. 

What can Emsculpt do for my physique? 

The Emsculpt body contouring device is FDA-cleared to treat five common trouble spots. It can help you tighten and tone your:

  • Abdomen
  • Arms 
  • Thighs
  • Calves
  • Buttocks

When you condition specific muscles through exercise, proper biomechanics and physical form are key. Emsculpt adheres to these same fundamental principles, using fully customized treatment applicators to help you tighten and tone each targeted muscle group to perfection. 

For example, the body contouring experts at Evolve Medical may use two smaller Emsculpt applicators to tighten and tone your upper arms, a larger, oblong applicator to firm your abdomen, and a specialized chair applicator to target your larger glute (buttocks) muscles. 

When will I see my Emscuplt results?

The average Emsculpt treatment session lasts for about 30 minutes, Most people need up to 4 sessions, spaced 2-3 days apart, to attain optimal body contouring results. 

While Emsculpt treatments aren’t painful or uncomfortable, the targeted muscle contractions they induce will leave you feeling like you just finished an intense workout. Depending on the muscle groups you choose to improve, you may relax on a treatment table or sit comfortably in a chair during your session.

You can expect to see noticeable tightening and toning soon after your first treatment, and significant continued improvement with each successive session. Having a few quick touch-up sessions every 4-6 months can help you maintain your new physique for years to come. 

To find out how Emsculpt can help you finish your weight loss journey, schedule a consultation by calling our office at (631) 253-1313 today or using our convenient online booking feature any time.

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