Wound Healing

Wound Healing

What is the Wound Healing Process?

Wounds are injuries that break the skin and tissue. There are many different ways wounds can come about, including cuts, scrapes, bruises, pressure, extreme cold, extreme heat, force, or friction.

Once you have a wound, it can take quite some time for the area to fully heal. Typically, wound healing follows a four-step process. This process includes a hemostasis phase, inflammatory phase, proliferation phase, and the remodeling phase. Supplement your body’s hard work with a treatment from Evolve Medical.


Laser Therapy

Bring about healing by rebuilding the skin. Laser therapy targets the area and stimulates the skin cells with high-powered laser technology. This increases cell growth–encouraging the healing of any scarring caused by wounds.

Ozone Therapy

Nutrient-rich oxygen can provide plenty of healing benefits for your wounded skin. Oxygen can revitalize the skin, kill bacteria, and provide the essential building blocks to cover wounds for good.

Red Light Therapy

Stimulate skin cell growth in a larger area with red light therapy. Red light therapy emits low-wavelength energy–heating the skin and encouraging cells to produce collagen and elastin. These two vital proteins help produce fresh layers of skin and motivate quicker wound healing.

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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Surround yourself with the healing powers of oxygen. HboT therapy is similar to ozone therapy; however, you will be able to relax in an oxygen chamber and absorb oxygen into more areas of the body for faster healing.

Improve Wound Healing in Deer Park, NY

Bring about healing quicker with one of Evolve’s medically-backed treatments. By encouraging skin cell production, our aesthetic procedures rebuild broken skin effectively. 

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