Acne Scarring

Acne Scarring

What is Acne Scarring? 

At any age in our lives, we can develop acne. Acne materializes in different forms on many different areas of the body due to excess sebum building up on the skin. This causes pores to clog and form acne bumps–from papules to pustules. Unfortunately, the inflammatory response present in acne bumps can reach the surrounding skin, creating acne scarring. 

While acne scars are difficult to deal with at any stage of life, there are aesthetic treatments that can diminish their appearance and get you back to clearer skin. 



Stimulate collagen production with the power of microneedling. Tiny pinpricks will invigorate skin cells to deliver vital proteins back into the skin–healing acne, acne scarring, and more.

CIT Microneedling

Your own protein-rich plasma provides powerful nutrients to rejuvenate skin from the inside out. Try CIT microneedling to heal and hydrate skin while sealing up acne scars.

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Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy utilizes low-wavelength energy to stimulate cell regeneration quickly and efficiently. One treatment will bring back collagen and elastin that help rebuild smoother-looking skin.  

Laser Therapy

Get rid of acne scars without damaging the surrounding skin. Laser therapy uses powerful technology to target only the area of concern and bring back vital nutrients for skin rebuilding. 

Chemical Peels

At Evolve, we offer many varieties of chemical peels to reach your aesthetic goals. Our powerful ingredients penetrate deep into the skin to stimulate cell regeneration–covering up imperfections in no time.


Relax and rejuvenate with one of Evolve’s facials. Many of our innovative facial treatments can target acne and acne scarring by hydrating, smoothing, and stimulating the skin. Walk out with a glowing, fresh complexion that lasts for weeks to come.

SkinCeuticals® & ZO® Skincare Products

Bring acne scarring care home with you. Our SkinCeuticals® products provide powerful regeneration. For acne scarring, try Phloretin CF, Retinol A, and more for the results you want. 

Our ZO® Skincare Products work great for acne and acne blemishes. By targeting the problem, these products can save your skin from acne scarring. Check out our Skin Care page for more information.

Treat Acne Scarring in Deer Park, NY

Acne scars can be difficult to deal with–let the Evolve Medical providers find the right solution for you. Everyone’s skin is unique and works best with certain treatments. Please contact us to help navigate an acne scar solution.

For scheduling and appointments, call (631) 253-1313 or fill out the request appointment form below. 

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