What is Psoriasis? 

Psoriasis is a chronic skin condition that causes itchy, scaly patches–ranging from dandruff-like spots to larger areas covering the body. This condition can be debilitating, causing rashes, skin dryness, skin thickness, redness, joint pain, and even depression. While your body can go into remission, this condition can flare up at any point. 

The cause is thought to be an immune system problem involving abnormal cell growth, leaving behind built-up skin. This leads to the scaly patches we identify as psoriasis. 

While there is no cure, we have treatments to alleviate some of your symptoms here at Evolve Medical. 


Laser Therapy

Laser therapy targets areas with psoriasis precisely without affecting the surrounding skin. By stimulating cell renewal, your body will naturally begin to build a newer, more even complexion. 

Red Light Therapy

Heal damaged skin with gentle wavelengths from red light therapy. Red light therapy encourages cells to create collagen and elastin–the building blocks for healthy skin. This helps to heal your symptoms effectively without any harsh treatments or chemicals. 

A psoriasis rash

Ease Psoriasis Symptoms in Deer Park, NY

The side effects of psoriasis can deplete our confidence and make everyday life difficult. Find relief from your symptoms with help from the medical professionals here at Evolve Medical. 

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