Sun Damage

Sun Damage

What is Sun Damage?

UV rays may feel great, but they are extremely dangerous for our skin. From premature aging to sun spots, the sun can leave marks on our complexion if we are not properly equipped with a high-powered sunscreen.

Sun damage can most commonly appear in the form of sun spots, which range from light to dark brown. They can develop anywhere on the body. It is important to check with your doctor if any symptoms arise with your sun spots, such as itching, oozing, or redness. 

If you’re looking to fix the sunspots you do have, there are plenty of aesthetic options to reach your goals. Here at Evolve, we offer comprehensive treatments to gently heal and diminish sun spots.


Laser Therapy

Laser therapy works well for sun damage by targeting specific areas and causing the cells to produce new collagen. This will heal over the skin while evening and toning your complexion.


Give your skin the nutrients it needs with your own protein-rich plasma. The properties of your plasma will provide your cells with the building blocks to heal sun spots and sun-damaged skin.

Sun damage

Chemical Peels

Exfoliate sun-damaged skin with a powerful chemical peel. Each personalized chemical peel will sink deep into the skin and work for weeks after treatment–for beautiful, younger-looking skin. 

Red Light Therapy

Stimulate cell renewal with a red light therapy treatment. Low-energy wavelengths awaken skin cells and encourage the turnover of old skin–bringing out a fresh, even complexion.

Alleviate Sun Damage in Deer Park, NY

The sun can cause serious damage to the skin and leave behind spots, an uneven skin tone, and more. Revitalize your complexion with our series of sun damage treatments here at Evolve Medical. 

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