Tone Your Thighs and Tighten Your Core with Emsculpt Neo

Tone Your Thighs and Tighten Your Core with Emsculpt Neo

You lunge, squat, and crunch in the hopes of achieving toned thighs and firm abs, but the efforts leave you exhausted. What if we were to tell you that all you need to do is sit back and let Emscult Neo® do the work for you?

Toning your thighs and tightening your tummy requires a fair bit of effort. You crunch, you lunge, you squat — all in the hopes of achieving tight, toned areas that you’ll be proud to show off. While we applaud your efforts, we offer an easier road to building muscle and burning fat with our advanced Emsculpt Neo® system.

At Evolve MedicalDr. Hasib Mikael Sarij and our team pride ourselves on offering the latest technologies for achieving your cosmetic goals. Whether it’s unraveling the signs of aging on your face or tightening and toning your body, we have you covered.

As we head into winter, why not take steps now to emerge in the spring with a body you’ll be thrilled to show off? Learn how Emsculpt Neo can help you accomplish just that.

A powerful one-two approach

Our Emsculpt Neo system builds on previous muscle-building technology, and the big difference is that we’re able to encourage muscle development at the same time as we reduce fat, in one treatment.

First, Emsculpt Neo delivers radiofrequency energy into the fat cells in your treatment areas. This energy heats up your tissues and disrupts your fat cells, preventing them from storing fat. As a result, your body simply flushes the damaged cells out and they don’t regenerate.

At the same time, Emsculpt Neo delivers high-intensity focused electromagnetic technology (HIFEM) energy into your muscles, which causes every fiber in your muscles to contract. As a result, we’re able to simulate a muscle workout with the HIFEM technology that you wouldn’t be able to accomplish on your own in a gym.

As well, if you’re no stranger to diet and exercise, you likely know that muscles burn more calories than fat tissue. With Emsculpt Neo, we build on this fact by eliminating fat cells and increasing muscle for optimal calorie burning.

Your Emsculpt Neo treatments and timeline

While our description of the Emsculpt Neo technologies above may seem complex, we deliver these energies simultaneously while you’re lying down, so each Emsculpt Neo treatment is only 30 minutes.

There’s also no downtime after your Emsculpt Neo treatments, though you may feel some soreness in your treated muscles.

To tone your thighs and tighten your abs, we recommend a series of four Emsculpt Neo treatments, which we space apart by 5-10 days between each treatment.

As you progress through your Emsculpt Neo treatments, your body will build muscles and flush out fat cells, so your results will be gradual. By your final treatment, you should notice quite a difference in your body shape, which you can maintain with periodic Emsculpt Neo treatments every six months or so.

To get on the road to toned thighs and tighter abs, call our Deer Park, New York, office at (631) 253-1313 or book an appointment online to schedule your Emsculpt Neo treatments today.

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