Cell Therapy

Cell Therapy

What Are the Results of Adult Cell Therapy?

The implantation of adult cell therapy treats patients durably thanks to an injection of therapeutic cells. It ensures homeostasis, that is to say, the physiological maintenance of an organ or a tissue, by replacing dead cells, either naturally or after injury, thus ensuring the continued function of the organ for the life of the individual.

The Sources for Cell Therapy

The emerging field of regenerative medicine will require a reliable source of cell therapy in addition to biomaterial scaffolds and cytokine growth factors.

  • Adipose tissue – adipose tissue represents an abundant and accessible source of adult cells with the ability to differentiate along multiple lineage pathways. Cell therapy cells derived from adipose tissue are multipotent and promising for a range of therapeutic applications.
  • Peripheral blood – about 10,000 cell therapy cells can be obtained and of these 50% can become mesenchymal cell therapy cells.
  • Bone marrow – approximately 50,000 NCP can be obtained from the sample. 50% become mesenchymal cell therapy cells.
  • Lipid tissues – about 5 to 10 million ASC can come from the sample. 90% become mesenchymal cell therapy cells.

Globally Reported Uses of Cell Therapy

Diseases treated with cell therapy

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